I am Sophia, a print & graphic designer based in the southern areas of the UK. (Ye old Dorset)

I love all things textiles, print, pattern, graphic (I am a perfectionist), product, handmade and just generally whacky!

My passion gives me the excitement to work on all types of product/packaging!
I have so far worked on: Lifestyle fashion, tech products, craft, stationary and logo/branding projects.

In 2014, (fresh grad) I won first prize with globally renown baby goods retailer 'Mamas & Papas' for the 'Style a stroller' competition with my 'Kingfisher story' designs. My designs were visualised on Mamas & Papas armadillo stroller and accessories for production under a new talents scheme they had! Which was great fun. :)

In my spare time I love to draw, paint, create and just generally look and admire things. I like to document "stuff" that inspires me on my instagram page...Why don't you see what gets my creative feels...feeling.. by visiting my insta page! (Click the camera icon below!) 


Soph x